Isabella Bilstein

installation unbearbeitet

By placing familiar domestic items, like the dinner set, in various contexts the viewer is made aware of subsequent changes in its interpretation. Questions concerning the value and significance of the ceramic object are raised, offering a discourse concerning identity, the integrity of self, and the struggle to overcome superficiality in playing multiple roles.

Through interpretation, we attach meaning to objects that can conflict with their original intent. In the same way, we assess the roles people take in life and assign to them certain characteristics. To identify too strongly with others’ reflections upon oneself, can bare the risk of dependence on their goodwill.

When actions and decisions conceal the beliefs, qualities and conceptions of which they are the fruit, the integrity of these initial motivations is jeopardised.

By raising questions about the significance of the ceramic object, the installation aims to provoke discussions on the quality and relevance of our perception and the integrity of our own self image.

Isabella Julia Bilstein






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