Aaron Davies

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My practice explores notions of identity and how an object can be recognised as innately human or have human like qualities. Through formalist values of form, colour and surface i examine identity as a construct, based on ideas and concepts that have formed the foundations of human recognition for a millennia. I compose foundational forms with subtle differentiation that in relative composition suggest male, female and assertions between.

The final objects bask in sophisticated glazes, the use of colour pulling the body of work together creating silhouetted lines whilst keeping the individuality of each piece firm.

It is the intention of my work to make the viewer feel the intimate nature of a group, and also explore the beauty of individuality.  The clean, clear cut lines allow the viewer to see human forms and to appreciate the fluidity of human identity.

Telephone: 07943278236

Website: http://www.aarondaviesceramics.com

Email: aarondaviesceramics@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AaronChiversCeramics

Twitter: @AJDCeramics

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