Rhiannon Evans


Ornamentation is far more than a matter of aesthetics. By choosing a certain kind of jewellery one makes statements as to one’s wealth, social status, or even religious beliefs. Jewellery is incredibly unique in its intimacy and is driven by personal values instead of functionality. Jewellery could be defined as unnecessary and therefore the individual makes an absolute conscious decision to wear a certain piece of adornment.

My collection draws upon these values and evolves from studying inorganic solids such as crystalline clay minerals. These inspirations are recreated in ceramics with traditional methods along with the aid of technology, then attached to silver in different configurations to move with the body, draping and hanging simultaneously.

The process of my work could be described as Avant-Garde by the way in which I fuse technology with traditional craftsmanship, towards the contemporary environment within art, design and fashion, starting with my plaster geometric forms. Utilizing trend forecasting, I am using the colour palette ‘Past Modern’ which is an emerging trend. My work does not fit into the classification of everyday jewellery or ceramics. It is a hybrid of both and can be considered for fashion editorials, high-aesthetic stage performances, stage costumes and other special functions. Fusing geometric mineral shapes together with the organic and natural curves of the body, my work begins to suggest optimal tension and movement between skin and ceramic. Layering the ceramics on certain parts of the body changes and extends the silhouette and thus changes the emotions of the wearer, giving them a sense of empowerment and transformation.

Email: 1280ceramics@gmail.com

Instagram: 1280ceramics

Facebook: 1280 Ceramic Jewellery




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